Lesson study is a teaching improvement activity in which instructors jointly develop, teach, observe, analyze and revise lessons for their courses. Lesson study teams build knowledge about how students learn in their discipline, produce a lesson that can be used by others, and create manuscripts for possible publication, presentation, and inclusion in teaching portfolios.

The Lesson Study Project (LSP) supports the use of lesson study among college instructors in all disciplines, fields, and levels of study. The LSP website is organized so that college teachers can learn more about lesson study, begin participating, and advance pedagogical knowledge in their fields.

For background on lesson study, its definition and unique features, please read our Lesson Study Overview. Our Lesson Study Guide offers step by step assistance including video examples of the lesson study process. If you are already a lesson study practitioner, we encourage you to contribute your work to our Lesson Study Project Showcase, an expanding knowledge base for college teachers, which includes not only lesson plans on a variety of topics, but also evidence and analysis of student learning.

The Lesson Study Project is located at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse as part of the Center for Advancing Teaching & Learning.

For additional information and consultation, contact

Dr. Bill Cerbin, Project Director, wcerbin@uwlax.edu, (608) 785-6881

Dr. Bryan Kopp, Associate Director, bkopp@uwlax.edu, (608) 785-6936

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